mandag den 24. august 2015

Problem with the accelerator for Android Virtual Devices

If you have problem with the accelerator for Virtual Devices try this:
  • go to Android SDK normal "C:\Users\USERMAME\AppData\Local\Android\sdk" (replace USERMAME with your windows username) 
  • then go to the folder folder "extras\intel\Hardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager"
  • finaly run program  intelhaxm-android.exe

More about the accelerator to be find here:
More about problems and how to set up your PC for virtualisation.

søndag den 23. august 2015

Speed Up Android Studio

Speed Up Android Studio

-Launch: Notepad++ as administrator
-Open: C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\bin\studio64.exe.vmoptions
There are a lot of parameters, but we are interested in memory-related parameters:
-Xms: Specifies the initial size, in bytes, of the memory allocation pool.
-Xmx: Specifies the maximum size, in bytes, of the memory allocation pool.
-XX:MaxPermSize: Size of the Permanent Generation.
-XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize: Reserved code cache size
Now, I’m using the following values:

Speed Up Gradle

Gradle is the new build system used in Android Studio
Now, we will configure the global settings of Gradle:
  • Goto: C:\Users\<UserName>\.gradle
    make a new file called “”
  • Add the following lines to the file:
  • Launch Android Studio and goto File -> Settings -> Gradle then enable “Offline work”
  • Restart Android Studio and check if there is any Speed Improvement.

fredag den 21. august 2015

Problem with shotdown and statup of virtual device

Sometime you end up with a hanging device. I have discovered the problem, when i change resolution om my pc fx using the projector. At this point the virtual device  abort and can't start again.


Device from AVD installed with the Android SDK:

Find the SDK - normaly it will be in "C:\Users\xxx\.android\avd" where xxx is your username.
Find the virtual device and delete all files starting with lock extention

I have made myself a commandfile with the content til make it easy
CD C:\Users\bjbu\.android\avd
RMDIR *.lock* /s

Genimotion device:
Start VirtualBox manager and stop the virtual mashine from here